Young Lions of Jazz

Elena Gilliam

The perpetuation of Jazz isn’t of value without investment in young musicians with a sincere attentiveness to this all American categorization of music. With this ideology in mind, I seek to encourage the crossover of generations of Jazz musicians by providing opportunities to showcase young and seasoned talent together.


We can learn from each other while passing the torch to maintain the connection to the original generation of jazz. This is important especially in the consideration and development, that is evolution, of new ideas and styles. The study, appreciation and performance of jazz is vital to it’s perpetual progress as a world class music. It is equally important for the “old tigers” or seasoned professionals of Jazz to convey their comprehensive expertise as the conduit of future jazz performers. What is truly remarkable is that this relatively new form of music is still close enough to it’s original generation to share its initial musical intentions.

The journey for me began in February 2015 with an Art exhibit featuring jazz performances throughout the day beginning with the Young Jazzers and ending with Elena Gilliam and the George Gilliam Quartet. From there in 2018 was the 1st Annual Young Lions and Old Tigers of Jazz followed by the 2nd Annual 2019 Young Lions of Jazz.

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