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Helpful Practice Tips

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

  1. Keep a practice journal (audio/video) that can help you reflect on your progress over time.

  2. Make every attempt to practice daily. It is more important to practice periodically, rather than once a week but for 5 hours.

  3. Equip your music room with a good sound system, mirror, metronome, and a solid music stand.

  4. Find a space that can help you fill the room with sound, which will help you in the development of a beautiful tone on your instrument.

  5. Begin the daily practice with a warmup that is based on variation of long tones, sliding and/or shifting exercises, or rhythmic patterns.

  6. Isolate difficult passages and work through them beat by beat. Sometimes this means clapping through a difficult rhythm first before you add the notes and play it on your instrument.

  7. Make every attempt to communicate ideas as musically as possible.

  8. Try to book some practice dates with your friends when you can trade choruses and play off of each others’ musical ideas.

  9. Learn the piano, as it will help you understand the relationship between chords and melody.

  10. Enjoy the journey of musical discovery!

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