Jazz Repertory Ensemble
JRE is a community outreach program that carries the mission of spreading awareness about our programming in the community. It provides a platform for faculty, community members, and seasoned pros to meet, interact, and learn in a safe and artistically stimulating environment.
Since its inception in February of 2019, JRE has performed under direction of Dr. Karim Yengsep at venues such as Campus JAX (Newport Beach), Ziing's (Fullerton), AFM Local 7 Milton Foster Recital Hall (Santa Ana), Back Bay Bistro (Newport Beach), and Roscoe's Jazz Lounge (Long Beach).
If you would like to participate in JRE, please fill out the New Member Form below and we will contact you to schedule an interview and audition.
New Member Form
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Address: 14281 Chambers Road, Tustin, CA 92780

Phone & Zoom Meeting ID: ‪(949) 416-8175

Email: info@socaljazz.com

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